Weekly Character: The Brother

Second in the series where I tell you all about our family members! Okay guys so now that you know Nitin, I will tell you all about my brother today: Yashdeep , is my younger brother, who is almost 2 years younger to me but behaves like he is 5-6 years elder to me. He [...]


Weekly Character: The Husband

Some of you might have read Nitin's last post about Life threatening deadlines where he mocked me for giving him deadlines to get things done. He wasn't even kidding because in our house nothing gets done without deadlines, LITERALLY nothing! Now, some of you (Of course people who don't know me that well) might think [...]

Life Threatening Deadlines !!!

No am not going to talk about the office here, but we husbands do got a boss at home as well, giving us deadlines for everything and anything. 😀 Well it does start with a subtle order wrapped in a request like material. Then gradually the intensity increases because we tend to forget? No! because [...]

How to spend 24 hours in Delhi

After 24 hours in Pune, are you ready for 24 hours in Delhi? SO let's get started! 5 A.M: Arrive in Delhi at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. If you are travelling by train(which by the way is a great way to catch some sleep before the next crazy 24 hours that are about to [...]